Welcome to Unit 2 of your Health and Fitness course!

This Session will focus on the role your body plays in supporting health and fitness. You will also find out about the different ways in which exercise can affect your body.

This Unit is all about preparing and planning for health and fitness. As you work through this Unit, you will learn all about:

  • The impact that lifestyle factors can have on health and fitness, including activity levels, diet and sleep
  • Testing and developing different components of fitness
  • Using health and fitness analysis to set goals
  • Structuring a health and fitness programme to meet particular goals
  • Aspects of health and safety to consider when preparing to take part in health and fitness activities

When you have completed both Units in this course, you will be given a project to work on. This project will assess the knowledge and skills that you have built up throughout the course. You’ll see lots of helpful hints and tips throughout this Unit, which will help you to prepare for this project.

In this first Session, you will begin to explore some of the different lifestyle factors that can have an impact on health and fitness.

When you’re ready to get started, click to move onto page 2 and learn all about different activity levels.